He placed a finger on my lips to hush me,
I held my breath and closed my eyes,
He then traced my lips with his index finger,
My heart beats picked up a notch,
Leaning forward he whispered in his hoarse voice ‘Open your eyes beautiful’,
Heeding his order I looked deep into his,
His need for me masked with a passion that tempts,
My mind raced and my heart followed along,
What if I lean forward and I have a taste of his lips,
What if I let go and taste his rich soul,
What if I indulge myself and make him mine,
Will I ever forget him?
What if I never have a taste of him,
Will there be regrets?
However I know its a non starter,
Looking into his eyes I see him agreeing to this,
So we both turn away and face the big cinema screen,
To watch the movie we paid for with our hard earned pennies.

Wild tales for the heart that beats fiercely, eternal souls and the spirits that marvel at the wonders of life